Saturday, December 19, 2009

Annalee's 4th Birthday

Today was a very special day for our four year old. Annalee had a princess party where she shined all day long enjoying every part of the day. But that really describes how she is every day of her life. This is the girl who sings when she eats, announces at the top of her lungs the delights in the simplest of things, gets extremely excited about my arrival at home every time, comes up with cool dances on her own, can run almost anywhere and any distance, and seems with one look to be able to get me to do anything she wants. I will always remember her birthday because it’s the only one of my three kids that my grandmother was in the delivery room when they were born. Still fighting cancer, she was one of the first sets of hands to hold her. I know she would have loved to see all my kids grow up in front of her and did enjoy every year she saw each of them. But Annalee will always be told the story of grandmother in the delivery room and I know I will never forget it. And I look forward to more stories to tell Annalee like today’s princess party and such. She an amazing child and I love being her daddy.