Sunday, October 21, 2007

Why Annie is the best wife

Today my wife woke up sick with a cold, contracting from her pregnancy at 20 weeks, dealing with 2 slightly unruly children and an out of sorts husband. She is amazing and sometimes a little too amazing. I watch her answer phone calls and make phone class and organize meals and showers for so many people and sometimes she just doesn't take time for herself. Unfortunately, I rarely have the chance to offer it to her unless she is sick or not feeling well. You see my wife is the epitome of loving others first no matter what it costs her and for that I am so blessed. However, right now she needs a little R&R and so can say no for a while!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Change is good...

Sometimes change is good. Sometimes change is not so good. Sometimes it's awful when the diaper is leaking out the side and neither of you want to change. Right now I need a Little change in my attitude and felt like no better way than to ask the Lord for some guidance and some change. My wife knows I need to change, my heart knows I need some change, my kids know I need some's just taken me a little while to learn for myself. What are some ways I can change. Well that's the next question and I'll get to that latter. But for now, I'll change our blog. At least that's a start!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sunday, October 7, 2007

The plague!

Well, our family has encountered, what we like to call, the newest plague. Starting off, a little over two weeks ago, Paige woke up in the middle of the night and had thrown up all over. So, like a good mom and daddy, we pick her up, love her, change her sheets, bathe her, and put her back to bed. That night was relatively ok. The next day consisted of a little diarrhea (forgive the language if it's gross to you, it's the nurse in me!), but other than that she was still ok. The next night, she threw up again, and was up a few more times with other problems. Again, the daytime was ok. The following night, you guessed it, she threw up AGAIN. This making for a very tired mom and daddy trying to still take care and love on her because she's so sick. This night, Scott gets an up close and personal encounter as Paige throws up on him as well. I know, it's gross! So, after that night she stops throwing up, but has diarrhea for a total of 6 days. So, finally she's better. I clean like I've never cleaned before and pray for a miracle that we can somehow bypass this virus. Amazingly, days later, we're still well! We're starting to get comfortable thinking we're in the clear.
Not so fast my friend! We attend church on Sunday, and apparently there's a virus running rampant there. Annalee wakes up Monday night vomiting! Aagh! Again, we're up all night taking care of our sad sick littlest one. Paige for some reason starts having diarrhea again the next day, but not bad. Tuesday was ok, just tiring. Wednesday is looking up. Annalee is on the road to recovery, and the rest of us seem to be faring well. Then, we go to bed, and Paige and I wake up in the night and take turns vomiting! Scott, followed in our footsteps about 8 hours later. It was a difficult couple of days. In fact we're still not quite right, but we're begging the Lord to spare us any more of this nasty virus (AKA the newest plague!). Hopefully the worst is behind us and we can make our way back to the livng again!