Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sleeping baby...

I love, love, love to catch my babies sleeping. I could watch them for endless hours. Davis is funny because he uses his bumper pad as a pillow! He is the sweetest little boy! I swear, it is so hard to fathom that you can love another child as much as you do the ones you already have, and then He gives me Davis! The Lord just enlarges my heart!

Friday, March 6, 2009

How Our Trip Went...

Our niece, Genevieve. No one knows how we left there
without a picture of Matthew, the newest Parks!
Annalee showing Davis the ropes of the laptop.

Nana! This is Scott's mom who graciously gave up her house
for us to stay in!

Paige, taking a rest in the backyard.

Me and my sweet Paigey!

So, our trip to Dallas, believe it or not, could not have gone any smoother! Our kids did REMARKABLE! My expectations were far exceeded. We left at 6 a.m. on Friday morning, and I was hoping to make it 4 to 4.5 hours, if we were lucky. I felt like that would be about halfway, and it would be great. Well, the girls were occupied and without complaint and Davis slept and ate snacks for count it...6 hours! We went until we almost ran out of gas! We stopped at Chikfila, our favorite, and ate, played and pottied. Then, it was back on the road for the final 3 hours and we had arrived at our destination! Might I also add, that no one pottied on themselves, including me! Well, other than Davis! The same story was true for the trip home. Davis got a little restless for about the last hour before we were home, so I had to get in the back and occupy him, but other than that, they did fabulous! Thank you to all who prayed, because this was a definite miracle! I mean 3 kids under 5 years of age made it that long in a van with no mishaps! It's almost unheard of! I was truly surprised, and grateful to the Lord above!
Our time with family was good, but never long enough. Scott's mom let us stay at her house and she stayed at his brother's, so we would have plenty of room. Our mishaps, however, occured during our stay! We went to an indoor swimming pool on Saturday and when Paige woke up from naptime, she had pinkeye! We went to a little urgent care center and got some antibiotic drops to treat her. The next morning, Annalee wakes up with pinkeye, and Scott has some sort of random stomach bug, yay! The next day, you guessed it, Davis wakes up with pinkeye! I somehow escaped the sick madness, praise the Lord! Don't hear me complaining though! It all could have been MUCH worse! All in all, we had a great time and are grateful now to be back home safe and sound.