Friday, August 17, 2007

A little OCD...

So, those of you who know me, (Annie), know that I'm a little freaky about certain things. Like, I'm a germaphobe for sure. I wipe off anything with Clorox that I can find, before my children get anywhere near it. I'm nuts about a good schedule. My brain can't compute how people can live without having their kids on a good schedule. (Even though I know people get along just fine!). I have to do certain house chores on certain days, to feel like I did them right and productively. I'm alittle wierd about how I eerily remember numbers. Scott thinks I lean a little towards the autism spectrum when I do that! Ok, so stop judging me, I know I'm quirky!
Anyway, I didn't realize how much this is rubbing off on my children. Paige, especially! Annalee already sings the cleanup song when I look at her and then a mess! Paige will NOT sit on a public restroom toilet unless I wipe it off with Clorox and then put a seat cover down. (My fault, I know!). And to top it all off, yesterday, when we were getting ready to leave the house, I told Paige to put the pillows back on the couch. To my surpise, (and delight I might add), she put them on the couch just the way I had them. There's 5 pillows and they all have a specific spot in my mind, and Paige evidently has picked up on that! I guess my OCD is a little contagious!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Little Things

My children hit new milestones almost daily. They're growing up so quickly. It's funny how I get used to them saying different words "their" way even though we always say it correctly, so they'll eventually say it right. I secretly love the alternate ways they say things! For instance, Paige calls strawberries "strawbabies". I love that. It's just the sweetest. Well, the other day we were watching a video and she said "Mmmm, mommy, it's a strawberry." What!?!? Is it possible? She said it right? I tried to ignore it, thinking it should be a one time event, but no. She officially says it right now. It just makes it so tangible that she's growing up so fast. Luckily, Annalee still says "strawbabies", so I guess I'll hang on to that for a little while longer!