Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bound to happen...

So, I knew it was bound to happen, but i didn't know when. I have that fear of Annalee trying to feed Davis food and him choking on it. I try to keep them separated when I'm out of the room, or at least have Davis out of reach. She loves to kiss and hug and baby talk to him, which is sweet, I just have to keep an eye on her! Well, the other day, we were getting ready to go to Target ( my home away from home!). I had buckled Davis in his carrier and set the carrier on the floor by the door. The girls were also waiting by the door. I was about to set the alarm to walk out and decided to run to the bathroom real quick before we walked out the door. I heard Davis starting to fuss a little bit because he doesn't love his carseat. So, I'm hurrying to get back in there and get everyone out the door. Paige is my little helper, so when Davis fusses, she'll usually give him his pacifier and help quiet him. So, when I hear Davis quiet down, I attribute it to just that scenario. Oh how mistaken I was! My dear Annalee had offered Davis one of her goldfish! I walked in to see Davis smacking his lips and I immediately started sweeping my finger in his mouth to try to get it out before he swallowed. Thankfully, the Lord made little babies with a tongue thrust reflex, so as soon as it was in his mouth, he spit it right out. I found a soggy goldfish in his carseat and tried to explain the danger of feeding baby Davis food at this point in time to Annalee (which probably went in one ear and out the other!). I can't say it will never happen again, but one can hope right? I just have to watch her because really she just thinks she's being sweet and sharing her snack with little brother!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Being a Mom...

Being a mom these past few years has been quite an experience! It's only been 4 years but three children later, it's been full of surprises!! I thought I would post some things that being a mom has meant to me.

I never knew...

-what a precious commodity sleep was
-that I would never eat alone again
-that I would never eat a whole meal or snack by myself without sharing it (or hiding to try to get it down before someone noticed!)
-how much my never-ending laundry would exponentially increase from one tiny little body (not to mention 3 little bodies!)
-that my heart was capable of loving so fiercely
-what a germ-a-phobe I really am!
-how fun it is to be silly with little girls
-how challenging it is to discipline consistently and try to do it biblically and not out of anger!
-how much I would have to ask my children and husband for forgiveness
-how my priorities would drastically change
-how the things I worry about would shift (i.e.- I'm afraid I'll leave Davis somewhere because he's in his carrier and I'll put it down with fear that Ill be driving down the road and realize I forgot to put him in the car!)
-that I would cry at the smallest things

How hard it is...

-to see them be disappointed
-the feeling when they wake up crying in the night and the pit of my stomach aches and my heartrate increases to about 200 bpm all in a matter of about .5 seconds
-to be away from them even when a break is so enticing
-to get up in the middle of the night for a feeding and watch my husband sleep like a baby and never hear a peep!
-to watch my children experience pain that I cannot make better
-to be pregnant with complications and bedrest
-to not hear the heartbeat of my unborn baby

What I love...

-the breath of a newborn baby on my neck as they sleep on my shoulder
-the first purposeful smile at just me
-hearing "I love you" and NEVER getting tired of it!
-listening to my children pray and spilling what's in their heart with no reservation
-watching them sleep
-watching them go bananas every single day, when daddy gets home because they are so excited to see him, and feeling the same way myself!
-nursing them, and how endearing they look at me during that time
-breathless belly laughs
-that God chose ME to be their mommy and experience these things!
-how yummy they smell after bath time, especially newborns with baby lotion
-how it feels to be pregnant and watch God visibly grow a human inside me
-that first flutter of a kick in pregnany!
-Hearing the heartbeat of an unborn baby
-how much it is worth to struggle through nine months (or 8!) of pregnancy to receive these precious gifts the Lord has for me.

These are just a few of the thoughts that I have. I could probably go on for days! I'm sure you moms can relate. Happy Mother's Day!