Sunday, October 31, 2010

Super Delinquent

The perfectionist in me wants to go back and try to catch up. The tired mommy in me wants to go to bed! I am doing much better since my surgery. I went for a follow up visit and everything was benign. Now I'm cleared to go get a root canal! Great. It will probably be another week or two before that happens, so my mouth has a little more time to heal. Our church had Cars with Candy tonight. We had a pretty good turnout and the kids had an absolute blast. Pictures are to come:)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Post Surgery update

Well, I am blogging for the patient who has been doing really well. She is recovering very well, but still can't open her mouth very well. Yesterday, the surgery lasted about an hour and we were on our way home. She slept most of the day. The doctor said that he removed scar tissue from her wisdom teeth and some bone marrow. The tooth was not removed which means she will still be having a root canal in the near future. Otherwise, Annie is getting better and the kids are all farmed out to both sets of grandparents. (My mom has the girls, Annie's parents have the boy). I'll serve as guest blogger until she feels better but please keep praying for her. I hate to see the love of my life in pain:(

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Friday 10/22

My surgery to remove the cyst in my mouth is scheduled for tomorrow, so in light of that, I am blogging tonight! Please pray that everything goes smoothly and that he takes the other tooth while he's in there. I am scheduled to be there at 8am and I think it should be a pretty short procedure. However, I'll probably be pretty out of it. I tend to take a solid day to recover from anesthesia:) Thanks in advance for your prayers!!


Ok, so not the greatest picture, but bear with me! Yesterday when we went to the farm, this was one of the gentlemen that we met who drove one of the tractors. He looked so much like the guy off the Adam Sandler movies (i.e. Waterboy), who talks and you can never understand him. You know who I'm talking about? Well, I could've sworn this was him. So much so, that I snuck in a pic ! Sorry for the poor quality. If you click on it you can see it a little better!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Seward Farms!

Paige shooting corn from some air gun. It was LOUD! She was a pretty good shot though;)
Paige taking a ride in the the trail of cows pulled by a tractor! It looked really fun! I wish I would've gotten on to ride!

Paigey Pie on the hayride!

My group:) Paige, Anusha, and Campbell.

Paige's first grade class:) Again, is my baby in first grade? It just doesn't add up!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day by day

Today, Davis and I have gone for a run, let me get a flu shot, and then Davis waited (as patiently as his little 2 year old self would let him;), for me to do my skills checkoff stuff at the hospital. While not his finest hour, or mine for that matter, we made it! Now it's naptime for Davis/prepare for tomorrow because I have to work tonight. I genuinely have to take life day by day, because I tend to let my mind run miles ahead of me! It makes me crazy and a little overwhelmed when I try think too far ahead. So, we will do what we do today and trust the Lord. If He gives us tomorrow, He will also give me the grace and strength to get through that too!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Today we are back to reality! No more fun beach days:( It was fun while it lasted though. Well, except for the whol crazy stomach bug thing:( The girls have been taken to school and I took Davis to the gym because I had to keep childcare at Sportplex. Typical Monday stuff ya know;)

Sunday 10/17

Sunday we packed up and headed home. I felt much better, but still not quite right. It was good to get home and unpack. We had community group at the park so it was nice to catch up with everyone and enjoy the beautiful weather. I really do love our group! The kids basically lost their minds, when they saw Scott because they hadn't seen him since Wednesday. It was sweet:)

Saturday 10/16

Today I felt like poo:( We still took the kids to the beach and the pool, but I was miserable. I just couldn't recover well though. Thankfully the children were pretty obedient and they go to bed early so I didn't follow far behind them!

Friday 10/15

Friday we went to the beach again to play and then to the pool. Our kids were way past tired after that, so naptime was divine! Scott was still recovering at home. We played referee between the boys for a good part of the day. They really are like brothers:) Still a really good day though! Friday night Katie and I stayed up waaaayyy past our bedtime chatting. Good times:) In the middle of the night, however, the stomach bug claimed me as its next victim! Bummer:(

Thursday 10/14

Thursday we spent the day on the beach. The kids had a blast of course. The weather was perfect! We all walked on the beach just before the sun went down, so the kids could run off any last bits of energy. We put them to bed and talked and watch crazy shows on tv that otherwise there would be no opportunity for:)
While Scott was home, howevr, he came down with a stomach bug:( No good for him. Plus, he was all alone. Sad:(

Wednesday 10/13

Wednesday we left to stay at Katie Moore's beach house in Gulf Shores for a few days. It was me and my three munchkins, and Katie and her 3 munchkins. 2 adults and 6 kids. Let the madhouse begin:)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

All of them

While I agree that this is certainly not the best pic of us, it is the most recent:) All of my little ones were home yesterday because school was out, and I loved it. I really do enjoy a house full. Sure, it can really wear me out, but it is always worth it. It makes my heart feel full. Maybe, I'm just feeling nostalgic because the weather is so pretty and the kids can play outside for an extended amount of time. Who knows? I do know, however, that I love them dearly and am thankful that God has given me the opportunity to be their mommy:)

Monday, October 11, 2010


It's late and I just rolled in from work. Actually, I got off and home a little earlier than average, but late to bed for me, seeing as how I would happily go to bed at 9pm like a maw maw. Our van is in the shop and needs all kinds of brake work, so I am carless. Our sweet neighbor is letting me borrow her van tomorrow to take the kids to school, so that is a blessing! We are waiting on the Lord, to see how He will provide for us. The price to fix everything is much more than we have, but somehow our God always provides for us. So...we are waiting:) Please pray with us as we ask the Lord for His provision!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Community Group on the Deck

Well we spent the evening on the deck sharing about how God's word has changed us, how we canpray for one another, and how chocolate chip peanut butter pie may be the best thing on the planet. Right up there with Amazing Bread! It's nights like this that community feels to easy. Also, continue to pray for Annie's mouth because she is in much more pain than she lets on most of the time and honestly, if she were any more graceful she'd be heavenly! If my wife has brought you encouragement ever, post it so she can feel the love that she has poured out for so many!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tooth Update

I met with the oral surgeon on Thursday and it is some sort of cyst, so I will be having surgery Oct. 22 to have it removed. He may have to take the molar it is next to, depending on how wrapped around the root the cyst is. He seemed really positive. He said they would remove it and send it off to pathology to be sure it was benign, but the odds that it isn't is slim. So, really I would rather him go ahead and remove that tooth while I'm asleep! Especially if the cyst grows back. Otherwise, I will have surgery, then when I recover, have a root canal, then if the cyst grows back, I'll have another surgery and he'll definitely remove the tooth at that point! I would rather just keep it short and simple.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Annalee threw up last night:( Please pray that this bug would be mild and that the Lord would protect the rest of the fam from getting it!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Doctor Doctor

I have my follow up appointment at 4 today to talk with the oral surgeon about what my CT scan looks like. Truthfully, I would be ok, if he said that he needed to put me to sleep, remove the cyst and take out that tooth. Keep in mind that I want to be put to sleep to have this happen. I hate dental work. It makes me physically nauseated to think about it. I'll let you know how it goes!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More of Davis

I know that recently it seems like all this is, is Blog O' Davis, but he's home with me all day!
The girls are at school so I miss alot of picture taking opportunities. It's like Davis is an only child, and he actually kinda likes it sometimes! I love having him all to myself though. It's fun for me, and I know just how fast time is flying and if I blink, he's gonna be graduating college. So for now, we will enjoy storytime at the library, and eating lunch at our picnic table on the deck in this oh so beautiful weather:)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vegetable Soup:)

While this weather is so perfectly delightful, the one thing that can make it even sweeter, is a huge pot of vegetable soup simmering on the stove:) Ahhhh......Fall:)


Silly boy, decided that watching the tv in his socks and undies while sitting on top of the coffee table was obviously the best spot.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I hope everyone had a nice restful Sabbath:)

Saturday, October 2, 2010


I got a haircut! My mom FINALLY took me!

Also...Go Gators!

Friday, October 1, 2010

My tertific tiger!

This is my little terrific tiger! I guess this is the eequivalent of a citizenship award. She was the first one chosen out of her class, so we are so proud of what the Lord is doing in her heart and how He is growing her up into a sweet young girl. She was awarded this honor for demonstrating character by: always working hard, being kind, and following directions. That is certainly who she is:) She is so very precious and I am glad that we were able to celebrate with her today:) Sidenote: It's hat day at her school today. She doesn't wear her peasant hat on an average day;) It's not excactly uniform policy!