Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Long, long time...

It has been quite the blogging break! I just realized, too, that the picture at the top is from Easter, count it, 2 YEARS AGO! Yes. The blog is in need of an overhaul;) Our desktop has a virus, so uploading pics is impossible until it is fixed. We have internet on our laptops too, but I really just don't want to bore all of you with just words and no fun pics!
In the meantime, I will try to do better at keeping this thing a little more current. Since my last post, Paige has turned 7! We now have a 7, 5, and 3 year old. Unbelievable. I have had more drama with my problematic tooth. The stomach bug hit our house and took names, causing Annalee to spend a little time in the hospital. Spring break came and went, but was gloriously beautiful at the beach! And now, I am counting down the days until my paige gets out of school! Well...and Scott too! I heart summer:)
So, until next time, which will hopefully be soon!