Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More of Davis!

Our little glow worm while on the bililight!

He enjoys having his hair washed.

He's already found his fingers!

My sweet baby boy!

His hands look really big here, but they really are tiny!

He looks at you with such endearing eyes!

Sorry it took so long to post new pics. Scott came down with the flu on Friday, so I quarantined him to the back bedroom for 4 days until he didn't have fever anymore. This created a busy time for me, to say the least. The girls behaved pretty well, but we were cooped up in the house because I don't want Davis out just yet. So, my patience was tried on many occasions over the past few days! Also, I was sleeping on the couch, so Davis and I could try to avoid the germs, so, lack of sleep mixed with antsy two and four year olds and a newborn baby could concoct a combination that nobody wants to mess with! Really though, Davis has been an angel so far. He only gets up once in the night and goes right back down. The girls are great sleepers and for the most part pretty obedient. Paige is in school during the week, so that is good for her, and for us as well! I can't complain! I just need some time to catch up a little bit on a few zzzz's and I should be good. Scott is back at work, so I'm adjusting to getting all three children dressed, fed and out the door, to get Paige to school on time. We've been on time 3 days in a row, so I think we've come up with a good routine! Enjoy the new pics and I'll post more soon!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

More of Davis

The rest of the story...

Well now that we are home I can give a little more detail about our wonderful day last Monday. I had been asking our doctor since our last miscarriage if I could be a little more involved in the delivery of our next child. He was very willing and to be honest, my understanding was that I would watch him do 95% of the delivery and I would be the "catch the baby" person. Well once we knew Monday was going to be our delivery date, our doctor came to see how far along Annie was dilated. When she was six centimeters he said,” I’ll be back in about an hour. Scott are you ready?" I said, "You're going to tell me what to do right?" He said, "No this is your delivery." Around 4:30 they started prepping the room with the tools and nursery items needs to clean him off when he arrived. I kinda got a little overwhelmed and light headed but kept my cool and continued to wait. When Annie was 10 cm. and ready to push. Right after this I was gowned up and made sterile (the kind you want to be) and prepared for the delivery. Our doctor stepped in and to my surprise asked me if I was ready. He began to walk me through the whole process and actually showed me where to put my hands to reach in and pull the babies head out. Once I had my hand on his neck and chin, I pulled his head out. It was incredible. He then walked me through rotating his body and pulling out the shoulders and the rest of his body. He came out at 5:15 and I held my newborn son in my hands for the first time. The first time anyone ever held him was when I pulled him into the world. I then handed him to Annie and she began to clean him off. I stood in awe with so many analogies, thoughts, and emotions of this experience. It was the most extraordinary thing I was ever able to be a part of and am glad the Lord has blessed us with this experience. It made me realize how amazing God can be to allow us his children to see the wonder of his creation every day in humanity and sometimes overlook it until we experience it for ourselves. I was overjoyed to see both of my girls born, but I was shaken to the core to deliver my son into the world.

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Wait Continues...

No baby today. It's a little bittersweet for me. I can't wait to see him, and my body has about had it , but obviously the Lord wants me to just hang in there because He's not done with Him yet! I had only changed just a little bit, but not enough to put me over the edge, so we're just on standby for the weekend, and I'm scheduled for an appointment on Monday if nothing happens. Please continue to pray!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Maybe Baby!

Well, tomorrow (Friday), I go to the doctor for the third time this week for him to check and see if I've dilated anymore. He was a little concerned on Monday because I'd progressed a little more and I'm still only 35 weeks. I went back on Wednesday and hadn't changed really, so we didn't have to do an amnio test to check on his lung development. I'm going back in tomorrow and we'll see if anything has changed. I feel like maybe it has. I've been contracting since 15 weeks, but my contractions now are gradually becoming much more intense, and I feel like I did when I was in early labor with the girls. I'll be surprised if he sends us home tomorrow, but really I never know for sure! It's just a waiting game now! Please pray that when Davis arrives, that he will be healthy and his lungs would be fully mature. We are excited and look forward to meeting him soon. I'll keep you updated on what happens tomorrow!