Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Music To My Ears

I love music!  I always have.  I know the words to most songs, however I could not tell you title and artist!  I am terrible at that! I have been without music for a while though.

 While we love our van, something went wrong a while back and the radio, cd player, dvd player, etc... all stopped working!  Something electrical.  To fix everything, we would have to replace the whole console.  So, that seems simple enough.  We look into it, and it costs about $4000 to replace said console.  Ummmm.....no.way.  We are planning on driving the van until it dies and since it is paid for, we are hoping that is a LONG time!  In light of no music in the vehicle that I feel like I spend 75% of my day in, I have missed it!

Well, for Christmas, my hubby got me an iPhone!  I know!  What a gift, right?  Other than the fact that I am an iphone dummy, I really do love it!  Well, I loaded the Pandora app and it.is.fabulous.  So I type in an artist that I like and it develops a whole station of songs to circulate that are either that particular artist or others like them.  Now, I can turn on pandora, anywhere I am and listen to music anytime!  It makes my heart smile :)

And now that I have re-read my post, it makes me sound like I live in the dark ages!  Well, minus the new iPhone!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year!  I figured it would be a good thing for me to actually add a picture of Shepard to the blog to prove his existence!  Seeing as how a year ago, I had REALLY good intentions to put some pics up ;)  So, here he is, a year later!  I could seriously just eat him up!!!  He has been an absolute joy!

I cannot believe that it has been a year since I blogged last!  What has happened to me??  I really love it, but I have to make it a habit, or I just cannot get around to it.  So, this year, hopefully, will be a more productive blogging time for me!  Hopefully.

So, let's catch up a little.  I am enjoying being a mommy of 4.  I am perfectly content with the number of children we have, but I don't know if I will ever be that person who can insistently say "I'm done".  I love a newborn baby.  We are not seeking to have any more, but I think the Lord just gave me a heart for babies :)  

She is in the 3rd grade now and doing very well in school.  She is my rule follower :)  She is a servant and a helper.  She became a believer about 3 years ago, and it has been so sweet to watch the Lord grow her up in Him.  We started a mother/daughter daily devotional, and it has been the sweetest most satisfying time together.  I love the questions she asks, and alot of times she challenges me more than I expect!  She is a fabulous big sister and being the oldest suits her motherly instincts :)

She is in 1st grade this year.  She loves school and is so very bright!  She soaks up information like sponge!  She loves life.  She is able to just let go of things so easily.  For example, if I correct her about something, she typically immediately responds with "yes ma'am, mommy!",  and stops what she's doing and goes on just as happily!  What?!?!  She didn't get that from me! Meanwhile, if I correct my other children over the same thing in the same manner, tears or pouting immediately ensue!  The Lord teaches me alot through this little girl :)

He started preschool two days a week in a 4k program.  He really loves it!  I had a hard time letting him go to school!  He was my baby for a while, and I felt like life was passing me by way too quickly!  Which, it is!  He loves all thing superhero right now.  He loves his daddy!  He is content playing superheroes and legos with Scott.  That is fulfilling for him :)  He still gives me kisses on command and is not embarrassed yet!  I'll milk that until the very end :)  He is a great big brother!  There has really been no big jealousy to speak of.  Aside from being a little too rough with Shepard from time to time, he LOVES that little brother!

He is my baby, of course.  He is snuggly, and gives lots of hugs and kisses!  He is learning to walk, but crawling still seems to be a quicker mode of transportation, so he typically chooses that for the time being.  He is repeating most everything we say.  I am always amazed at how quickly their little brains develop and what he can understand and is now learning to express!!  He is also, really funny.  Not kidding.  I think he's gonna be the life of the party.  He's always doing something to purposefully make us laugh :)

He took a new position this year and is the Help Desk for the high school that he works for.  It has been  a good change-up and little break, not to mention a pay increase, which we desperately needed!  His heart is still for children with special needs, and he still works closely within the high school and sponsors a club connecting typical students with students who have special needs.  The bummer of the position is that it is a 12 month position, so he doesn't have summers off :(  I really miss that.     

I am working still, sparingly, in the evenings some.  I spend a large portion of time in carpool :)  I am always a little OCD.  I like to have things as simple as possible.  I have been decluttering for forever, it feels like, to try to simplify life and keep things a little more manageable :)  I struggle with getting caught up in getting things just right, and sometimes find myself missing the really important things in life because it interrupts what I'm trying to accomplish.  I'm thankful that the Lord is faithful to draw that to my attention when I get like that, so that I can repent, and choose what's important :)  

Well, that is just a little update!  I hope that you and your families are well and I will do my best to get back into the blogoshpere!