Wednesday, November 14, 2007


This week marks yet another milestone in the Parks' household. Annalee officially moved in with Paige. The move is to create room for baby Davis to have his own space for a while. Annalee is still in her crib right now, and will probably stay there for a good while. That way she can't get out of the bed and run around. They have actually done remarkably well so far in this transition. The first day for naptime, I closed the door and Annalee immediately started crying which led to Paige promptly shout out "Mommy, Daddy, get her out of here!". We decided to just let them cry it out and that didn't last long until I heard them talking and giggling. I poked my head in and shhhh'd them and about 45 min later they fell asleep. That night we had one 3am wake up call from Paige announcing that Annalee was kicking the wall. It was very short-lived and they both went right back to sleep. Since that first day, they've actually done beautifully. I think Annalee likes it because she feels more secure with big sister in the room. I hate that we don't have space for everyone to have their own room, but part of me is excited and hopes that this helps cultivate a lifelong bond between them as sisters. In fact, I had my own room growing up, but I still chose to sleep with my sisters most of the time! I too felt more secure with them. They are precious little girls and I enjoy them so very much! I'm certain we will have our pitfalls, but for now I'll just try to enjoy the water while it's smooth!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Scott!!!!!!!!!!

Well, as of 11/13/07, Scott Parks is officially 30! He has done very well with this great milestone in life! We've had to scale back as much as possible financially, so I wasn't able to give him the big 30th birthday blowout that I wanted for him, but we did have some friends meet us at a restaurant on Saturday and surprise him. Maybe we'll try the big party next year! Those of you who know Scott, know that he loves celebrating his birthday, and this year he's trying to bring it down a few notches, but what he doesn't realize is that he is so very loved and we all want to celebrate this momentous occasion year after year! He is an amzing husband, a wonderful daddy(soon to be a father to a precious son!), a magnificent teacher, and an incredible friend to many. So, today we celebrate me sweet husband for just how wonderful he really is!
Happy Birthday Scott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!