Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good News!

I went to the doctor yesterday and there have been no major changes, which is great! He told me to just continue what I was doing, i.e. bedrest for right now, but that I could take Paige to and from school. I just have to really take it easy in between. I'm 34 weeks which we are glad to see. My doctor voiced that 34 weeks is good but not great. We would obviously like to keep him in there as long as possible! He should do well though and that is what we continue to pray. I'll update with any new changes!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Who let the G out?!? Guh, guh, guh, guh guh

Tonight at dinner while we were eating our meal with our two little girls, we were asking Paige about her first full day at school. A little into the meal, Paige began singing "Who let the dogs out" but with a new Pre-K version. Apparently the newest way to teach phonics is to the use letters of the alphabet and replace the Baha Men's classic "Who let the dogs out" with letters example: "Who let the G out?!? Guh, guh, guh, guh guh" and "Who let the "B" out? Buh, buh, buh, buh buh." Annie and I fell out laughing and Paige our little attention seeker just kept reeling her beats and adding letters. So all you parents of 3 years olds and under...get ready I think next week she'll learn addition to 50 Cent.

Come see Davis's Room Annie's Way!!!

Paige's Birthday Party

Paige and her long-awaited Barbie cake, which I did not make!

Enjoying the pizza and dress-up clothes.

Paige being the princess she is at heart!
Sorry for the sideways pictures. Our computer is being a little crazy this morning, so sideways it is! We celebrated Paige's birthday a few weeks early, since we can't exactly plan a party for her because Davis could make his appearance any day! As you know, I am on bedrest, so my sweet husband did it all. He's such a big fan of birthdays and we wanted to make sure Paige had her day. It was a small party with just a few of her friends. She thoroughly enjoyed herself. She's been talking about having a Barbie party for months! We ordered pizza, had cake and ice cream, played with dress-up clothes, and opened all kinds of fun presents! Paige got her very first bicycle! She hasn't had a chance to ride it yet because it's been so rainy. She loves it though. Her comment about her cake was, "Oh , it's a Barbie cake!!! But, I don't think it's gonna taste very good." Ah, the things that go thru her little head! All in all it turned out very well. My precious husband did a fabulous job. He cleaned the house, organized everything, and cleaned up after all was said and done. He knows how OCD I am, so he tried to accomodate so that I didn't stress. He really is the best and I love him oh so dearly! We're glad she had her day. I'll probably try to do some cupcakes for her class when her actual birthday gets closer!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Baby Davis Update

Well, I went to the doctor on Monday and I was 33 weeks on Monday. He's been seeing me weekly now because of preterm labor in past pregnancies and Annalee being a little premature. Well, I have started to dilate already and so he sent me over to the hospital to get some injections to slow down my contractions and also get some steroid injections to help mature his lungs. His lungs are the biggest concern right now. Obviously the longer he stays in, the better he'll do. I feel alot better though to have gotten the injections and that should help him tremendously. He should do fine but there's always a "what if" factor. I got to come home on bedrest, again. All three babies have successfully put me to bed. The good news is, with Paige I was on bedrest from 26 weeks on. With Annalee, I was on bedrest from 30 weeks on, and with Davis I'll be on bedrest from 33 weeks until. We've gotten further and further each time. My mom came to get the girls yesterday to stay with her until Friday so I can really rest for a few days, which I am very thankful for. Our friends here have been incredibly good to us as well, in trying to line up meals and do whatever they can for us. God has really blessed us with our church and friends and family. We'll keep you updated on any changes or arrivals!

Paige's Leg

We took Paige back to the Rheumatologist last Thursday. They basically diagnosed her with mild JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis). She has to have a bone scan done in April to see if any "hot spots" show up, which is basically just inflamed joints. If something shows up they will change her medication to help with that. The doctor seems to think that she will grow out of it, which is great news. The just have to keep an eye on her leg length to make sure her leg isn't continuing to increase in length. All in all though it was a good visit!

1st Day of School!

My little Paige is in school now. God orchestrated an amazing way for her to attend this preschool at no cost. I must admit that I was sad to watch her go. She's been with me for the last four years almost! She was definitely ready to go. She was so excited and never looked back. She just said "Bye Mommy. I love you!" It's good that she responded that way but it made me sad becuase it was a little too easy for her to let go. I guess I'm in store for much more of that as life goes on! The only thing that's set her back a little is sleep. My girls are both phenomenal sleepers. They normally go to bed at 7:30 pm and wake up about 9:00 am. It's beautiful. Well, now I have moved their bedtime back to 7:00 pm and I wake them up at 7:00 am. I literally have to wake them up out of a deep sleep every morning. So, in turn Paige is pretty tired when I pick her up. She's slowly but surely getting used to it though!

Bellingrath Gardens

We visited Bellingrath Gardens during their display of lights. We had such a great time! The girls really enjoyed themselves and we were all bundled up because we happened to go on one of the the few and far between cold snaps here in dear old Mobile Alabama! It really was beautiful and they added a few more displays this year. We have made this one of our family traditions to do each year.

Belated Christmas Photos

Annalee was being the best Christmas present she could be!

The girls loving on each other.

Paige was caught in the zone!
Annalee saying "cheese"!

These are just a few belated Christmas pics from my parent's house on Christmas day. We had lots of fun and it was very relaxing.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays to everyone! We had a pretty relaxing Christmas and New Year. The girls really enjoyed Christmas this year. Paige's immediate response on Christmas morning was "Mommy, it's Jesus' birthday!!!". She was so excited. Annalee enjoyed herself thoroughly too. They ended up opening each other's presents. I don't know why we even get them separate things because it all ends up being shared by all. Lately, we've been in toy clean out mode. I try to get rid of things an a regular basis, but I'm shocked at how quickly we accumulate more stuff! It truly baffles me. We are also trying to condense Paige's closet down, so Annalee's stuff can fit, and Davis can have a closet. Davis' room is coming along great. Scott finished painting everything except the trim. It's so strange for that room to no longer be pink. I was a little sad to paint over it. But, it has turned out cute and I'm settling in to boy mode as much as I can!
Our New Year was uneventful, which is basically the trend for us since children! Plus, we have to pay a babysitter when we go out and have been trying to pinch pennies lately, so we opted to just have a quiet evening at home. It was nice. Scott's break ends today and he goes back to work tomorrow, so that's a bummer. However, these are the days that I love that he's a teacher because he had a full 2 weeks off work. I'll try to post some pictures of Davis' room soon so everyone can see!