Monday, September 29, 2008

What's new...

Teething. Enough said! This picture captures exactly what he's been doing lately! Hand in mouth, ALL the time! He now has 2 bottom teeth that have broken through. He's sitting up pretty good and he's getting on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth. He's growing so fast. I can't stand it!

Paint and Pals

So this is my attempted artwork! My sweet friend Robyn took me to Paint and Pals on Saturday, and we really had a good time. I am in no way artistic. The instructor helping us was pretty good, but I could've used a little more help maybe. I like my painting, but I am not quite sure what I want to do with it yet. I would love to go back with a group! You can do group parties and I'm sure it would be quite enjoyable!!! I definitely want to go back!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

3 Little Gators....

My sweet, sweet babies! They really are so much fun. We have our fair share of challenging days, but they are truly precious gifts from the Lord, that I thank Him daily for.
As far as an update on the Parks:
SCOTT- he is working hard in his various jobs. Things are going pretty well. He has some very challenging times at school sometimes, but this is where the Lord has Him at the moment, so He is continuously seeking Him, when days get rough! He has actually enjoyed his time off from Gustav and Labor Day! He's had lots of good time with the kids, and me!
ANNIE- I'm still training for my marathon in January. Things are going well, and a friend is gonna let me borrow her double jogger, so that is a huge blessing! I'm still working a couple of nights a week at the hospital, and that's going well. It's a short shift and I'm pretty busy , so the time flies and the money made is well worth it! Being a mother of three equals a busy life, but God has lavished His grace upon me as I try to parent them in a way that is pleasing to Him!
PAIGE- she is loving school. We've already had a lice outbreak in the school and the first cold with a fever, can imagine how fun that is! We have another appointment to check on her JRA in December. We'll have more x-rays done in November to take to that appointment, to measure her bone length, and make sure there is no further discrepancy in leg length. We're very hopeful that she's growing out of it.
ANNALEE- she's a laugh a minute! Really, she's hysterical! She's growing up so fast and is so smart. She's picked up on so much, thanks to big sister. We're teaching her to read a little with a book designed to walk parents through easy lessons. She's loving Davis, but I have to watch her like a hawk, because she likes to get generous and give him various items that he shouldn't have..i.e...animal crackers, polly pockets, her juice get the idea!
DAVIS- he's learning to sit up, though still a bit wobbly! He babbles and squeals and makes my heart happy! He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, but no teeth yet. He tries to scoot forward in an army crawl sort of way, but hasn't figured out how to get up on his hands and knees yet. I'm not in too much of a hurry for him to be mobile yet though! He is the most snuggly baby ever! I love it!
That's a small update on the fam! I'll try to get some more pictures up here soon. We're trying to get a new family picture in here at some point. We'll see!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Game Day!

Davis has officially experienced his first weekend of college football. Daddy was a proud papa with Davis decked out in his Gator attire. We LOVE college football in our house! There's nothing like it! His hat is technically toddler-size, but we had to pose him in some pics with it on. He looks so much older with it though! Fortunately, the Gators won, so all was well in the Parks' home!