Thursday, September 13, 2007

Daddy's Girls!

I took this picture one night before I left for work. On those nights the girls get some good sweet time with their daddy before bedtime. They absolutely LOVE it. I'd like to think they would be all sad because I leave, but their not! They just say "Bye Mommy. See you in the morning!". Makes me a little sad! They practically push me out the door because they get daddy all to themselves. They dance and sing and run around the house pretending to be different characters. Then daddy reads the final bible story for the night and they get tucked in by the man they think must have hung the moon! Although we're teaching them about the God who really did hang the moon! They adore him and he reciprocates. I think it's just the sweetest!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Heat Wave!

Ok, so last Friday, Scott and I went to bed only to be awakened by this squeeling noise in the middle of the night. We jump up and realize that it's our air condition unit. We decided in our sleepy stupor to just turn the air completely off and deal with it in the morning. The next morning we called an A/C company and they came out. Of course our air broke on the weekend, and not just any weekend, but a long weekend because of Labor Day. So, we had to pay double for the guy to even do a service call. Well, it ended up that some wire shorted out and put a hole in another tube and all the the cold air leaked out. To fix it on the weekend, the LONG weekend, it would've been in the 700 to 800 dollar range as opposed to the 300 dollar range if we waited until Tuesday, after the LOOOONG weekend! Because we're obviously not made of money, we opted to wait until Tuesday and literally sweat it out! We had geneous friends and family who loaned us plenty of fans. We would try to leave in the morning and go places until the girls' naptime, put them down for a nap at home, and then leave again until bedtime. Because we did that, it wasn't as bad because we weren't here alot. So if we stayed really still in front of the fans we were ok. However, I had the grand priveledge of being here on Tuesday, after the LOOOOOOOOOONG weekend, and wait for the A/C servicemen to come, which of course would be here anywhere in between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Annalee ran around playing like she always does and was ringing wet becuase she was sweating so profusely. Paige stayed relatively still because I let her watch way more t.v. than normal, so she was ok. I had to finally do some housework which I tried to avoid in my hot and humid house, so I was beading up quickly. We finally got it fixed around 3:00 p.m. and I was super thankful that God has allowed us to live in the cool air. I'm thankful that we had electricity so at least we could have fans going. I know people not too long ago lived without A/C and did just fine. In fact, many people still do. I just realized how spoiled we are! The funny thing is that if Scott were telling this story it be almost completely different!. As many of you know, he is a good 20 degrees warmer than the average person at any given moment. So, when I would say that it wasn't THAT bad, he would refute me immediately and say "For You, Maybe!!!". It was definitely an experience and one that is full of laughs now that we're in the cool!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Annie!!

Today is my beautiful wife's birthday. Unlike me, Annie really tries to down play her birthday and uses her gifts for things like groceries and things for the girls. She also tries to make it seem like she's not really special and as all of you know that is not true. If it weren't for Annie, our house would be a disaster, I would wear dirty clothes and eat cereal every day for every meal, our girls would never look as cute as they always do or be so obedient and seeking after the Lord through what she teaches them, our friends with babies would never have two weeks of meals, she could never answer any nursing questions, she could never hold my hand in church and squeeze it 3 times just to say she loves me, and I guess the biggest for me is I would be without my best friend, my biggest fan, and the love of my life. Yeah, she may try to down play it but lets face...We're all better of with my wife...AND SHE'S MY WIFE!!!!!! Happy Birthday baby!