Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Peer Pressure"

Well, the day finally came where Paige got into a little mischief at school. She and a friend of hers got into the soap and proceeded to make many bubbles, thus sudding the bathroom! She and her friend had to sit out of playtime for the first 5 minutes! Terrible, I know!
We had a nice long talk about it after school and a little discipline on the homefront, and she apologized to her teacher this morning and asked her for forgiveness. Her teacher granted forgiveness, of course, and proceeded to tell me again that she certainly thought that it was peer pressure and Paige did not instigate the situation.
Here is where I feel I need to express some thoughts. Now, anyone who knows Paige, knows that she is my very tender-hearted child. She's very sensitive. I preface this with, we feel like the Lord is really working on Paige's heart. He is making her heart repentant and she is starting to really listen and understand more of the Gospel. She's asking more and more questions and we certainly encourage that. Our prayer is that God would capture all of our childrens' hearts so that they couldn't remember a day of not walking with Him.
That being said, we get alot of flack sometimes about how we raise our children. People literally LIKE it when they disobey! That makes me furious! I realize that maybe it seems funny to others, but we are not just interested in the simple behavior of our children. We are much more concerned with their hearts. Paige, for example, is very much a sinful creature! She disobeys, and whines, and complains, and yes, even suds bathrooms on occasion! The list goes on and on! We want to be diligent in addressing even the little things. Of course, we want to teach grace and mercy as well, and we do. We, too, are very sinful as parents, so our imperfections play out in their lives as well. We do the best we know to do with God's word as our guide. We fall short, but pray that the Lord will continue to cover us in grace and mercy as well.
This leads me to the way we addressed Paige yesterday. I absolutely want her to understand that if she has to be disciplined at school, then she will definitely be disciplined at home. Also, I wanted to reinforce that if she knows something is wrong, then she should not do it! It doesn't matter if someone else instigates it or not, she still participated. What a big lesson to already be discussing with an almost 5 year old! She expressed that she knew it wasn't ok to make such a mess like that in the bathroom, but she chose to do it anyway. We explained that this was sin and she needed to ask for forgiveness. She gets this on a very basic level. The Lord made her super sensitive for a very specific reason and I can't wait to see what He does in her life and how He chooses to use her!
Sorry for the bit of ranting! I just felt the need to get some things out in the open!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Best Wife ever!!!

Ok I wanted to have some pics of this before I posted it but I can't wait any longer. Many of you know my wonderful wife Annie and how she surprised me and took me to the Troy LSU game for my birthday. Well she topped it at Christmas and I have to brag on her for two reasons 1) ladies take notes on the awesomeness and 2) men she married me (still shocking to this day!!!)
So I took a personal day on the last Friday before our schools Christmas break because we were headed to Miss. for a family function that night. I knew her mom was going to watch the kids that night so I thought maybe we had a night to our selves or maybe we were going to N.O for the Troy Bowl game. Well we get to Miss. and arrive in front of her parents house. She makes me stop she calls Katie Compton (Dr. Ben was unavailable) to tell me we are going to Birmingham until Monday kids free to hang out, relax, etc... I am pumped so we jump back in the car and start to drive. When we get to their house I am told we have another surprise! She tells me to cover my eyes and go inside. Katie and Ben jump out wearing winter clothes and I read a sign saying "We're going to Gatlinburg" (PNTYP for Ben and Katie) So I am dumbfounded and pumped because we haven't had a vacation just the two of us since our first valentines day 6 years ago. It was so much fun and we had the best time! So yeah my wife know how to give a Christmas present and I am supposed to be the creative one. As 2008 concluded I have to say Annie 2 Scott 0. Year goes to Annie!!!